Monday, October 5, 2009

Progress Report 1

So far, in our journey to build this machine, we are still in the idea phase. We have a set idea of what the mechanism is going to look like as well as the triggering mechanism (shown below). The next step is to build it. I'm sure we will run into several road blocks but that is why we will build the first prototype as soon as possible. Once we have the main launching system built then we can focus on the triggering mechanism.  The main launcher will consist of a slingshot like action which propels an object more than 10 ft consistently.  This will be built out of either PVC piping or wood.  Considering the "slinging action" will pull on the PVC piping, bending the pliable plastic, we are considering a wood construction.

The one thing we are not sure about yet is the means in which the triggering mechanism will function. It can be electronic or mechanical but I am leaning toward electronic for the ease of the user. After all this is for the Saturday Sidekicks program so the main focus should be kept with the children in mind.

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